Canada truckers dating site

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Canada truckers dating site

The most important difference between the two lies in what incidents are covered by each policy.

Technology E&O protects clients in the event that a technology consultation or a software error results in financial losses.

For highway tractor-trailers and intercity buses, this results in about a 10% increase in fuel consumption from drag when compared to the reference temperature, further emphasizing the importance of aerodynamic drag reduction strategies for the Canadian climate.

Different types of counsel require different policy forms.In today’s high-speed, tech-driven world, change is constant, competition tight and risk seemingly lurking around every cyber-corner.For professionals who do business in this high-stakes environment, the need for specialized, tech-oriented errors and omissions (E&O) coverage has never been greater.For heavy-duty vehicles, such as tractor-trailer combinations, the drag coefficient increases significantly with yaw angle.In cold Canadian climates, the aerodynamic drag in winter can be nearly 20% greater than at standard conditions, due to the ambient air density.

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General professional liability policies almost always exclude professional services.