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Applying the if its value could be changed at any time by an external source that the compiler may not be able to detect.

Because both memory barriers and volatile variables decrease the number of optimizations the compiler can perform, they should be used sparingly and only where needed to ensure correctness.

If the variable is visible from another thread however, such an optimization might prevent the other thread from noticing any changes to it.

Among these operations are atomic versions of the compare-and-swap, test-and-set, and test-and-clear operations.

For a list of supported atomic operations, see the In order to achieve optimal performance, compilers often reorder assembly-level instructions to keep the instruction pipeline for the processor as full as possible.

The presence of multiple threads in an application opens up potential issues regarding safe access to resources from multiple threads of execution.

Two threads modifying the same resource might interfere with each other in unintended ways.

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In cases where your threads must interact, you need to use synchronization tools to ensure that when they interact, they do so safely.

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