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Crossdressing dating website

I do not need anything like that; I married to my date 18 years ago, and she is the best girl in the world.

Yes I know I am prestigious, But So what , I love her.

There are no dating sites explicitly for TV/TS that are free that I know of (I think there is an alternative dating site that includes TV/TS folks that is free, I can't remember the name offhand.) You could try the various free social networks geared towards trans folks instead, maybe you can meet someone there. So, it might be easier for me to find a guy that's into crossdressers than for a straight crossdresser to find a girl into crossdressers, I just need to know where.

And thank you Vickie, I will look around "general" dating sites that are free. I don't know if there is a US equivalent, in the UK I use tvchix (link in my signature).

I want a wife and children someday and do all the normal stuff that any husband and father would do for and with his family.

like tonight Lisa is going to the consoler and getting hair done tomorrow its a lot of work shave beard legs chest under arms do up my hair makeup nails that part is a pain but when when I'm done Its just can't explain Lisa feels right and happy to be let out.All I can tell you for as long as I can remember I've had dreams of being in female form of dress before I ever even knew how to read.I enjoy both my male and female side its not something I just like to do its who I am.Hint lol well as i read this post, this is exactly what confuses/concerns me as a long time wife of a person that i recently found out was a crossdresser. Correct me if i am wrong, i do not mean to offend anyone so do not jump on the band wagon and take this the wrong way. I read here so often that cders love their wives, are hetero, etc etc, but i truly wonder if all of these men are not gay and in denial.I realize after a ton of reading,the the scope of cders is huge and everyone has their own angle. How the heck can a straight man want to were women lingerie, sexually excite himself, ( keep in mind he does have a wife to be sexually active with) wear lipstick, hose go out in public, become thrilled when a genetic man hold a door open for him, is thrilled when men take a second look at him and call himself heterosexual..

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