Dating girl in punjab

Posted by / 25-Aug-2017 20:35

There’s hardly a girl out there who will not use phrases like “theek aa”, “vadiya”, “ki”, “kaem aa”. That’ll have her relate to you and there you go, she will in no time be her true Punjabi self – fun, easy to be with, and charming. Good cars and expensive restaurants do impress girls, but like, don’t bring it up in every single topic like one big ‘fukra’.

Punjab means the land of five waters (rivers: Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej ).

No one is perfect, but this perfection is in her eyes– when a girl decides you’re perfect, you then are. Punjabi families are quite diverse and depending on her upbringing she will have different values – make sure you’re aware of things like whether she drinks, what her food preferences are, how comfortable she is with physical contact and all that.

Having grown up in the cocoon of loved ones’ compliments and pampering, desi girls have a lot of self-respect and are equally sensitive. In fact knowing a bit of her could be your mission throughout the date.

So if you’re taking her to a food place of your choice, have a great dish in mind for her to suggest just in case.

And unless you’re a great conversationalist, we’d recommend you read ‘Topics to talk about on your first date: Punjabi Edition’. They tend to like good looking, manly and rugged men, you know, guys with a great looking stubble (or a lion-like beard if you’re a Sardar) for starters, a guy who’d leave her fantasizing about his bear hugs.

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