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This list features the most popular and best selling flight simulator games released for PS3.

While many of these games were console exclusive, we're allowing non-exclusives to be a part of the list as well, meaning you can vote for even more flying simulator games.

What Dream Daddy has to offer is pretty good, but ultimately it feels just a bit unfinished.

It feels like this visual novel could have used a bit more time in the oven, fleshing out events and backstories, and providing proper epilogues for the Dads.

While each Dad sprinkles tidbits about themselves in their paths and others, the three dates only really give us glimpses into the other character's lives, with no real payoff. The player never really gets to see where the result of these relationships truly go, and the ending comes up so quickly that some sort of epilogue was scrapped late in development.

This becomes almost disappointing in the endings, wherein (if you got the good ending) your Dad and the Dad love of your choice will speak of the future, and... While that is probably Dream Daddy's biggest flaw, lots of other, there's a host of minor issues that crop up over time as well.

If you own a Play Station 3, then there are probably a few flight simulator games in your collection.While it doesn't take all of the guesswork out of figuring out how to best respond to your potential lover's questions and situations, it does help in making sure that random decisions don't accidentally lock you out of a path, for the most part.There is one specific decision very early on that can lock you out of one Dad's path if you choose to take it, but the game does telegraph that's a bad decision and any dates with that Dad will automatically end on disappointing notes.Well mainly you have to make new friends, your daughter has a healthy social life already.Luckily for the socially inept main character, many of the cul-de-sacs residents are fellow fathers, and are more than willing to make a new Dad friend...

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