Dating someone with herpes dating others

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Dating someone with herpes dating others

I have had legions on my buttocks (both sides, and sometimes simultaneously) since I was about 6 or 7 years old, reappearing as often as twice per month, depending on stress level I think.I was diagnosed with Shingles, but when I asked for a definitive diagnosis, they did blood tests (which show antibodies to shingles) and a biopsy of the legions.I used to have a herniated disk, but therapy seemed to heal it, and I've had cortosone shots in my sacroiliac joints that made it MUCH MUCH worse...permanently... Sometimes it is so bad, I have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom just to cry at work.I'm a senior in college, a wife and mother of three, and I need to figure this out and either fix it and go to work, or get it diagnosed, and accept disability..not knowing is driving me CRAZY!!! I feel horrible, and I can't explain to people why I am so miserable because I don't want to just come out and say "it's because of herpes".Currently, many doctors rely on the typical clinical presentation of the disease. If they tell you HSV 1 or HSV 2 are not associated with neuralgia, they are wrong.Underdiagnosis of genital herpes because of misinterpretation of either anatomical or morphological presentations of the disease can accelerate the spread of the epidemic. If you're putting 2 and 2 together, and you think your herpes is causing your back and leg pain and sensitivity, IT PROBABLY IS.Anyone out there know of any online articles or research on this subject?Omg i have had herpes for 3 yrs took valtrex quit 3 months quit had no outbreaks but several months later i started experiencing strange symptoms like numb spine or more like bruised weakness etc i thought maybe the valtrex caused it since it can cause ttp or is my body neurologicaly messed up because its fighting a virus constantly?

Now I am starting from scratch trying to figure out where the heck is the root cause of the pain in my sacroiliac joints, buttocks, and down the outsides (and sometimes front and back) of my legs...

Hi Quix, I have been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex II. It appears to be typical nerve damage symptoms, but nothing showed up on 6 MRIs this year. The tissue feels like a criss-cross of ropes in there, too. I was wondering if you could tell me where you found that they are doing research on this issue.

I searched your suggested terms, but found nothing. It pretty much is in my groin area, but also travels down my right leg.

The person in question was also informed by several doctors that it was indeed an insect bite. The majority of patients with genital herpes have symptoms and signs unrecognized either by themselves or their clinicians.

smc22 I suspect you have genital herpes I would advise attending a GUM clinic when the blister attack starts again they will take swabs to determine if it is indeed this, the swabs need to be taken when the blisters are wet prior to forming a scab. A recent retrospective study on clinical presentation of the disease reported 51% of cases to be atypical (11) (

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I have attended a Sexual Health Course where the advisors stated genital herpes only form on the genitals. Currently, many doctors rely on the typical clinical presentation of the disease.

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