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We work to educate communities all over through events, campaigns, and dynamic partnerships with companies ranging from The Avon Foundation to Verizon. It helped to just not to be afraid to talk about it, to make you feel like you’re not crazy — because you can get to a point where that’s exactly how you feel.

Today, The Hotline is continuing to grow and explore new avenues of service. I wrote the number up and pasted it on the wall because I’m like, ‘This is a lifeline, this is where I’m going to turn my life around.

His justification for doing so is that the deaf man allegedly told the people behind him, in sign language, that he cared neither about them nor about their order.

The video's uploader indicates that the incident occurred on September 22.

A deaf man was refused service at a Burger King drive-thru in Dublin, Ohio.

Video uploaded to You Tube shows the interaction between the deaf customer and the Burger King employee.

The Hotline is an excellent source of help for concerned friends, family, co-workers and others seeking information and guidance on how to help someone they know.

We're committed to improving crisis services and advancing suicide prevention by empowering individuals, advancing professional best practices, and building awareness.

A model who is set to become the first ever deaf person to compete in hit reality series America's Next Top Model has revealed why he refuses to let his disability stop him from reaching the top of the fashion industry.

The deaf customer, who filmed the interaction and uploaded it to the internet, wrote: 'I went to the Burger King drive-thru in Dublin, Ohio.

I am deaf and so I pulled up to the window.'Then the manager said he was refusing to serve me and I had to leave without any food.' The deaf customer filmed the interaction and wrote of it: 'I went to the Burger King drive-thru in Dublin, Ohio. Then the manager said he was refusing to serve me and I had to leave without any food'It appears that the refusal resulted from a misunderstanding that occurred at a previous point in the drive-thru queue.

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Since 1996, the National Domestic Violence Hotline has been the vital link to safety for women, men, children and families affected by domestic violence.

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