Jews dating blacks

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Due to the vagaries of the Hebrew calendar, Christmas and Chanukah may coincide or appear in a variety of different permutations, but almost always they find Christians and Jews both celebrating their respective traditions in December.

And that “calendar conflict” seems to bother some Jews.

Our greatest fear should not be those who worship in a different way but those who mockingly reject the very idea of worship to a higher power.

Our children today are threatened by the spirit of secularism more than by songs dedicated to proclaiming a holy night.

And no other organization is better positioned than AJC to combat it.Jews in the forefront of those protesting any and every expression of religiosity coming from those with a different belief system than ours.Christmas, they claim, is by definition a threat to Judaism and to the Jewish people. Yes, America was wise enough to posit the separation between church and state.Today, nearly 70 years after Israel declared independence, her right to exist still comes under assault.But every day, AJC is countering the campaign to delegitimize Israel. But it is evidence of the complete capture of the Jewish establishment by Zionism, and the ways in which leading organizations have turned the Jewish religion into Zionism– and made the conflict in Israel and Palestine a religious conflict.

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The local parish priest would deliver his sermon filled with invectives against the Jews who were pronounced guilty of the crime of deicide, responsible for the brutal crucifixion of their god and therefore richly deserving whatever punishment might be meted out against them.

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