Ryan sheckler dating kayla

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Ryan sheckler dating kayla

In the Prototype, it is Friday the 13th, and we learn that True is superstitious.

True lends Lulu a dress from the vault for her to wear at her cousin's dance party, unaware that it is a one-of-a-kind prototype.

True considers quitting, but she instead changes her mind, after she's comforted by her boss' nephew, Jimmy, whom she develops a crush on.

Now, True fires her current assistant, and Lulu becomes her new one.

The episode True Takes Iceland, When the head of Iceland's largest retail chain visits Mad Style, Amanda and True along with their assistants compete to see whose design gets to be featured.

In True Crush, When True is invited to the Last Minute Ball, Lulu and Ryan fight over who goes with her when she only has one extra ticket, but True actually wants to go with Jimmy.

Meanwhile, Ryan uses a prank that he used in a dream to trick Amanda's new assistant, Laura.

True needs to find out what to do before the conference starts, or she'll be fired. After hearing this, True and Lulu go undercover as boys, only to realize it is a cover so they won't go and find out Ryan can't skate.

In Ryan On Wheels, True must design skateboard clothes and Ryan Sheckler is coming for a visit. Unfortunately, they find this out after they bragged about him. Ryan Sheckler goes undercover as Ryan to help him win so no one will know that the real Ryan can't skate.

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In Babysitting Dakota, Amanda assigns True to look after a famous supermodel, Dakota North.

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