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Alaska's economy is dominated by the fishing, natural gas, and oil industries, resources which it has in abundance.Military bases and tourism are also a significant part of the economy.

Alaska is the northernmost and westernmost state in the United States and has the most easterly longitude in the United States because the Aleutian Islands extend into the Eastern Hemisphere. The state is bordered by Yukon and British Columbia in Canada, to the east, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean to the south and southwest, the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Chukchi Sea to the west and the Arctic Ocean to the north.According to Playbill, Miranda, and producer Jeffrey Seller made the announcement […] Food fight!Harry Styles debuted his much-anticipated “Kiwi” music video on Wednesday, November 8, and it does not disappoint.Browse profiles, view photos, read personal info, text, and go on wonderful dates in real life.Someone has just uploaded a bunch of stunning photos?

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