Six degrees of celebrity dating

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FIVE DEGREES TO ELVIS Neighbor Kate Mackley’s dental hygienist is the sister-in-law of singer Ryan Cabrera, who is dating Riley Keough, granddaughter of the King.

WILDCAT TURNED SEX KITTEN Growing up her name was Patsy Ann Mc Clenney, but after she graduated from Lake Highlands High School, she took a new name — Morgan Fairchild.

We roll our eyes or have a little chuckle, but whatever the reaction, the rich and famous seem a constant source of curiosity for many.

But that salacious and sensational soap opera that is Hollywood tends to feel like a place that’s very, very far removed from our own little neck of the woods.

“He left, and I kind of missed him,” Gavitt says, but adds: “It’s still quite surreal.” The Monday afterward, Harpo Productions flew Gavitt and her husband, Charlton, and their four children to Chicago to tape the follow-up episode.

More recently, Briggs has seen Eva Longoria wear one of her necklaces on Desperate Housewives and Anne Heche don some of her pieces on Men in Trees.

“Somebody asked me in the beginning, ‘What would be the pinnacle of this for you?

She was browsing tables and putting things on and looking in the mirror, and she saw these,” Briggs says of her earrings, “and said, ‘Oh my God!

’ and started freaking out.” Photos of Hilton wearing the earrings popped up everywhere, putting her jewelry in the spotlight yet again.

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The actress left Dallas to star in soaps, be nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards, and even shed her clothes for movie and Broadway scenes.

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