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Not only is it not comfortable, but when blowing fails, you begin to pick at it only to find a small bump that just won’t budge. It’s why for years made-it-myself gifts have been unwrapped in the morning.

Some classics: Macaroni card with “roses …Nobody ever wants or deserves to have their car stolen, but it’s definitely significantly worse for those people who use their cars for work. Johns whose car was stolen while he was on the job.

Color makes a statement and in a way makes …Disney World has taken a bit of a beating after Hurricane Irma blew through Florida this past weekend.

When you are laying in bed for hours, tossing and turning, hoping and praying that sleep will come.

You look the clock and countdown how many hours you have to sleep before your alarm goes off.

First, being curvy was the socially accepted body, then it was “the skinnier the better” look. Regardless, many women feel the pressure of having that body that …The United Postal Service, better known as UPS, messed up in a pretty drastic way, leaving one family uncertain about their financial future.

Lorette Taylor and Louis Paul Herbert’s father passed away and left them a large sum of money but UPS lost the inheritance.

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Thankfully the park has, for the most part, survived and the damage wasn’t severe.

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  1. In their minds, avoiding long-term, ‘serious’ relationships prevents any chance of being hurt. They have short-lived relationships, wear their scars from previous relationships on their sleeve, date ‘unavailable’ people (who are ‘committed’ to someone else), back out of plans at the last minute, or are ‘hot’ one day, and ‘cold’ the next. Once you’ve made it through one really bad heartbreak, you can survive another. You can’t get anyone to commit to you if they don’t want to.

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